• MICHELLE MALKIN: “One of the coolest, edgiest parody sites mocking the Marxist left is The People’s Cube. I’ve linked their photoshops and satire several times over the past several years.”
  • RUSH LIMBAUGH: “A Stalinist version of The Onion.” 
  • DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL: “Our eternal fave fake news site”
  • BARRY RUBIN: “The funniest satire ever on how American history is being taught today.”
  • THOMAS LIFSON: “The People’s Cube is one of the funniest satirical websites, run by Oleg Atbashian, who honed his appreciation for the immorality of leftism by growing up in Soviet-era Ukraine and finding employment as an agitprop artist there, before defecting to the West.  In the interest of full disclosure, Oleg is a friend of mine.”

ThePeoplesCube.com satirizes current political events pretending to see the world through the eyes of the Stalinist Politburo (with occasional off-character editorials). It was started in 2005 by Oleg Atbashian, an ex-Soviet immigrant in the US, who is also a writer and graphic artist. Today the site has many contributors and followers inside the US and worldwide, who think of it as “the funniest website ever.” Materials from The People’s Cube have been reprinted in The New York Post, Advertising Age, The Telegraph (NH), The Florida Jewish News, The Province (Vancouver), and newspapers in Great Britain, Australia, and Israel. Its satirical articles, cartoons, and parodies have been translated into French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese. They are often featured on popular right-leaning political websites, such as, JewishWorldReview.com, Insrtapundit.com, MichelleMalkin.com, pjmedia.com, BigHollywood.Breitbart.com, and many others. Left-leaning websites, such as, VillageVoice.com and Politico.com have also featured and quoted its materials. ThePeoplesCube.com is currently syndicated by Google News.

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