Natasha’s Dream: Colors of Her Future

I wonder where she is now, on what continent and on which side of the Atlantic Ocean or the Equator. We were planning to get m

Star Cat

In the middle of a harsh Siberia winter I was driven to make this nostalgic fantasy picture of a cat staring at a starry summe

Moon Cow

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Birth of Athena

As a teenager my interest shifted towards fantasy pictures. Books on Greek history and mythology challenged my imagination. At

An Aged Pinocchio Who Never Became a Real Boy

We’ve all had dreams that never came true, and now those little dreamers can still be found in all of us, in various sta

An Aged Pinocchio, Ink Drawing

The ink version of an oil painting that has a story behind it. Click here to read it. Share this...FacebookTwitterPinterestLin

Specter of Don Quixote: Picasso in 3D

An eerie specter of Don Quixote, the fossilized remnant of the feudal era, haunting the Western world. He lurks outside its c

Family Vacation Under the Sea

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State of Mind: Happy to See You

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State of Mind: I’m Outta Here

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Cartoon: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach was all the rave during my college years when it was translated into Russian and p

Soccer Game

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Soccer Star

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Drawing Under the Influence: Sheet No.1

See explanation here. Drawing under the influence (DUI): operating a pencil while one’s mind slips into paralysis and r

Reading Transforms Reality

An attempt to capture the transformation of reality in the mind of a reader, when fictional shapes and colors enter the room a

Woman in Red – Fragment

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Woman in Red

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Zubov Reading a Sci Fi Novel

My childhood friend in Ukraine who loved reading sci-fi as much as I did. We shared the same obsession with books, music, and

The Black Camel Society

My two best friends from school were coming for the New Year’s party into my house, so I drew a welcoming Happy New Year

The Planet of Thinking Crystals (Teen)

These angular shapes may look like an abstract painting – but they are, in fact, an alien living forest of colorful thinking

Alien Planet with Living Clouds

This planet has a variety of alien life forms, from ball-like creatures that fly in straight formations, to mountainous blobs

Alien Self-Eating Planet (Teen)

As I was drawing doodles in my Biology class, I imagined the possibility of alien life existing, not as individual units, but

The Apple Stub of the Garden of Eden (Teen)

What happened to Adam and Eve’s apple stub? It fell on the ground, developed a root system, and grew into a mighty stub,

A Hairy Jug with Seeing Flowers (Teen)

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The Interceptor of Souls (Teen)

Another teenage fantasy rooted in childhood nightmares. As I walked home one rainy summer night I noticed that the fog and dri

Surreal Magic Castle (Teen)

Another high school drawing, started in class and finished at home, depicting a magical landscape with a perpetual violent sto

Planet of Erotic Dreams

This was just a high school fantasy landscape influenced by sci-fi novels, hormones, and my attempts to fathom the inner worki

Invader from Hell named Chaos (Teen)

The ultimate horror: a nightmarish nomadic invader bringing destruction and death to civilizations of peaceful farmers and bui

John and Paul Pay a Visit

John Lennon and Paul McCartney hanging out in my old apartment in Ukraine. I originally drew a couple of my friends for whom m

Fantasy Wall Drawing (Teen)

When I was about 16, my parents replaced wallpaper in my room. They didn’t buy enough rolls and ran out of them before t